Our 100

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  1. Making Knowledge Work: the University of Bradford’s Royal Charter.
  2. Signs of Peace: the Nuclear Disarmament Symbol – original designs.
  3. One Bag Peruvian Wool: Titus Salt’s Day Book.
  4. An Excursion to Hell: J.B. Priestley’s 1940 Postscript Broadcasts.
  5. Poems in Stone: A Land, by Jacquetta Hawkes.
  6. Radical Reading: Reynolds News and Sunday Citizen.
  7. Handle with Care: Foam Family and Friends.
  8. Singing Sixties: Potential Graduates at Bradford University.
  9. Fighting all the Way: Barbara Castle’s Cabinet Diaries.
  10. Mapping the Yorkshire Dales: Dr Raistrick’s Map Annotations.
  11. Banning Britain’s H-bomb: the Direct Action Committee Flyers.
  12. It was 1913: J.B. Priestley’s Scribbling Books
  13. “From the Raw Wool to the Finished Cloth”: Photographs of the new Textile Department at Bradford College, 1911
  14. The Call of the Heather: Windyridge, by W. Riley
  15. A Library for Peace: Commonweal Library
  16. The Skull and the Moonlight: Jacquetta Hawkes and the Dig at Mount Carmel
  17. On Bacon, On Gardens, On Science: Our Oldest Book
  18. A Flower Garden Display’d: Curtis’s Botanical Magazine
  19. Remember Eva Smith: The Inspector’s Russian Journey
  20. A Concern for Peace: the Quaker Peace Studies Trust Appeal
  21. Death and the Woolsorter: Bradford Doctors against Anthrax
  22. Yorkshire Roses, in Steel: the University of Bradford Mace
  23. Give Invention Light: the University of Bradford Coat of Arms
  24. Weaving a Story: Barbara Bruce, a “wild woman” in India
  25. This Nuclear Madness: the Priestleys against the H-Bomb
  26. Around Yorkshire by Bicycle: Fred Robinson Butterfield’s Photograph Album
  27. The Theatre in the Mill
  28. Priestley’s Great War: The Chapman of Rhymes, Margin Released
  29. Wild Nature’s Ways: The Kearton Brothers and the Stuffed Ox
  30. A Great Stay and Strength: Dr Raistrick’s Quaker Books
  31. A Sense of Mystery and Drama: Jacquetta Hawkes and the Festival of Britain
  32. A Bradford Man on the Orient Express: Joseph Riley’s Notes of Journey from Bradford to Constantinople
  33. Making Silent Stones Speak: Special Collections People
  34. A Long Happy Daydream: J.B. Priestley’s The Good Companions
  35. I Drew Anybody who came to London: Peggy Smith’s 1930s Drawings
  36. Fabrics and Fashion Plates: Patterns from Ackermann’s Repository
  37. Labor Omnia Vincit: the 1882 Opening of Bradford Technical School, in silk
  38. A View from the Motor Coach: J.B. Priestley’s English Journey scrapbook
  39. Figure in the Landscape: Jacquetta Hawkes and Barbara Hepworth
  40. Citizens of a New Age: Dimitrije Mitrinovic and his Followers
  41. Two December 22nds: Merry Christmasses at Bradford Technical College
  42. Hullo Villars! The Reckitts’ Ski Revues
  43. Journey Down a Rainbow: the Priestleys’ New World Honeymoon
  44. The Case of the Burnt Document: Committee of 100 Papers
  45. In T’Back Streets, Behind Tech: the Main Building of Bradford Institute of Technology
  46. Digital Objects are Special too: our 40th Birthday Cake
  47. The Scope and Dilemmas of Peace Studies: Adam Curle’s Inaugural Lecture
  48. Sammywell and Mally’s Yorksher Tales: John Hartley’s Original Clock Almanack
  49. A University for Bradford? Robert McKinlay’s Histories
  50. Yours with Increasing Affection: the Courtship Letters of Isaac Holden and Sarah Sugden
  51. The Story of my Trip to Russia: Notebook from an Independent Labour Party Visit to the Soviet Union, 1932
  52. Reunion and Reconciliation: the Peace Sculpture by Josefina de Vasconcellos
  53. An Astonishing Burden of Memories: Bright Day by J.B. Priestley
  54. Witches, Webs, Womyn: Sarah Meyer’s Greenham Common Archive
  55. Whatever Happened to Mr Mothergill? J.B. Priestley’s Lost City of Bradford
  56. To Glory in the Clash of Opposites: Dragon’s Mouth by Jacquetta Hawkes and J.B. Priestley
  57. Souvenirs of Student Co-operation: the Skopje Photograph Albums
  58. A New and Vital Democracy: J.B. Priestley’s Out of the People
  59. Brilliant, Ruby, Sapphire: the Cabinet of Gems, by Samuel Batchelor
  60. Bones, Bodies and Disease: the Rare Medical Books of Dr Calvin Wells
  61. J.B. at the JBPL: The Opening of the J.B. Priestley Library, 18 October 1975
  62. A Controverted and Debated Question: Mr Holden, Mr Lister, and the Square Motion Combing Machine
  63. Now Herbert Soppitt! J.B. Priestley’s When we are Married
  64. Surviving the Arandora Star: the 1940s Letters of Ludwig Baruch and Hilda Froom
  65. Universities, Science and the Just Society: Writings of Ted Edwards
  66. A Magical Hare and a Crock of Gold: Jacquetta’s “First and Last” Dig
  67. From the Shadows of Exile: the autobiography of Nellie Driver
  68. The Day After: Bradford and the Bomb
  69. A STATELY MANSION, substantially built of STONE, in a pleasing style of ARCHITECTURE: auction plan and description of Sir Isaac Holden’s Oakworth House.
  70. City Offices, Crowded Buses, Tubes, Cheap Tea-shops … : J.B. Priestley’s Angel Pavement.
  71. Why Study At Bradford? Social Sciences 1971 and Other Historic University of Bradford Prospectuses
  72. This Wonderful Little Tome: the 1983 Alternative Prospectus
  73. My Life on the Variety Stage: J.B. Priestley’s Lost Empires
  74. Just and Moderate Measures of Reform: Notes from Sir Isaac Holden, MP
  75. Let Us Also Have Fountains – More and More Fountains: J.B. Priestley’s One Hundred and Fourteen Delights
  76. Sabbath, Swarbrick and Status Quo: 1960s Rock and Folk at Bradford University Students’ Union
  77. The Living Story of Bradford’s Glory: The Historical Pageant of Bradford, 1931
  78. Isaac Holden et Fils: images of the Usine Holden, Croix, France
  79. I Have Been Here Before: J.B. Priestley, J.W. Dunne, Time and Dreams
  80. The Fumes of Latakia: J.B. Priestley’s Pipes
  81. Scotch Barley Broth and Fruit Tart: Jonathan Priestley and the First School-Feeding in Bradford
  82. Italianate Baroque and Early Decorated Gothic: Historic Buildings at Emm Lane
  83. By Gum! Life were Sparse: Bill Mitchell’s Yorkshire Dales Scrapbooks
  84. In Memory of the 56: Papers of the Popplewell Inquiry into the Bradford City Fire
  85. Quill the Hedgehog and the Keighley Detectives: John Waddington-Feather’s Yorkshire Writings
  86. Scientists in the Quest for Peace: Joseph Rotblat, the Manhattan Project, and the Pugwash Conferences
  87. Elegant and Convenient Sets: J.B. Priestley’s Shirt and the Apartments at Albany
  88. Midnight on the Arizona Desert: J.B. Priestley’s Writing Hut (and the Grand Canyon)
  89. An A-Z of Protest in the 20th Century: the Commonweal Peace Pamphlets
  90. Whither Archaeology? Jacquetta Hawkes versus the Statniks
  91. Barbed Wire and Curfew Passes: a Friend reports on Cyprus, 1958
  92. The Story of Skeleton A8: Dr Calvin Wells and Leprosy in Saxon England
  93. Your Starter for Ten: Bradford’s University Challenge
  94. Pioneering Pacifist Journalism: the story of Peace News
  95. A Letter to the Lancet: the story of the Medical Association for the Prevention of War
  96. A Pattern of Invasions and Occupations: Jacquetta Hawkes and the Archaeology of Jersey
  97. To the Caverns of Castleton: the Bradford Technical College Staff Outings
  98. Seven Years is Enough! The Free Vanunu Benefit at the Hackney Empire, 1993
  99. Man, a Million Years Old?  The Minute-Books of the Prehistoric Society
  100. Brains for Industry: Dr Richardson’s Campaign for Technological Universities

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