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While we’re away …

We’re taking a little break, to edit broken links in our older stories, do some technical tweaks and research the final twenty.  Back in March!

Statue1gifMeanwhile, if you’re interested in J.B. Priestley, the J.B. Priestley Society has plenty to offer you!

The Society’s spring event explores the relatively unknown links between Priestley and another great British author.  Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess liked J.B. Priestley’s Image Men so much he read it ten times!   Dr Andrew Biswall, Director of the Burgess Foundation, explains, at this free event in Manchester on 16 March.  Full details on the Society website or see our Facebook event.

See you in July!

The Objects are taking a little break – to allow our tech support (John Brooker – who created many of the great images on this site) to have some holiday and me to finish my book.  We’ll be running through some highlights every day on the twitter account, so you can catch up on any you missed.  I’ll also be talking about the project on 24 June at Northern Exposure, a conference for archivists, explaining to archivists why social media is brilliant for sharing stuff.  Back on 6 July!