72. This Wonderful Little Tome: the 1983 Alternative Prospectus

Now for a students’-eye view of student life: an Alternative Prospectus produced by the University of Bradford Students’ Union in 1983.  This “wonderful little tome” or “colourful piece of literary gold” supplemented the official undergraduate prospectuses with a light-hearted overview of the reality of student life.  For anyone who studied at any UK university during the 1980s it is a trip down memory lane.

There’s loads of practical advice on 1) surviving in Halls, such as, “If you like consistent heating, a regular water supply and have a desire to use the bog roll at weekends, then you’re looking at the wrong accommodation …”

2) Making the most of what the city, the University and the Students’ Union could offer e.g. Bradford “has something to offer everyone, whether it be a reggae club, a curry at 3 o’clock in the morning, ten pints of Theakston’s Old Peculiar, a touring Theatre Company, professional rugby league, a five mile trek across the moors, or a performance of the Messiah at Christmas!”.

3) What to expect from individual courses e.g. “Firstly, ignore the timetable.  Even the lecturers can’t understand it …”

I’ve only ever seen the one Alternative Prospectus at Bradford (there was something of a trend for them at universities during the 1980s).  However, other Union publications offered the same sort of information to new students, like this UBU Handbook from 1973/74:

and this issue of Scrapie (the Students’ Union magazine) from 2003:

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