10. Mapping the Yorkshire Dales. Dr Raistrick’s Map Annotations

The first (and probably not the last) object in this exhibition collected by Dr Arthur Raistrick.  Dr Raistrick, the “Dalesman of the Millennium”, was a pioneer of industrial archaeology, who loved the Yorkshire Dales.  He studied the remains of past agriculture and industry in this region, annotating Ordnance Survey and other maps with his discoveries.  Special Collections has over 1000 of these maps plus others drawn or collected by Dr Raistrick.  Dr Raistrick’s findings are still of great interest to archaeologists and others concerned with these beautiful historic landscapes.

From map of strip lynchets and field names around Malham

The annotated map we have chosen as the Object is an excellent example of how Dr Raistrick used his maps.  This image is an extract from sheet 133 S.W. of the County series, Yorkshire (6 inch: 1 mile), charting the area around Malham.  Dr Raistrick has added historic field names and details of field systems: the red stripes represent medieval strip lynchets.

These lynchets were mentioned in an article by Dr Raistrick, co-authored with S.E. Chapman, on “The Lynchet groups of Upper Wharfedale”,  Antiquity, vol. 3, pp. 165-81.  We believe, though this awaits confirmation, that this co-author was Sarah Elizabeth Chapman, who married Arthur Raistrick the following year.  The article is available online, to members of libraries who subscribe to the Antiquity Archive.

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