See you in 2013!

Join us in January for more Objects!  Meanwhile …

Xmas 2012 a_Page_1 cr

HOL3_1_5 Glaciarum2 cr

This image is one of my favourites!  Seasonal skating fun!  It was found in the Holden Papers and nicely illustrates the riches in this wonderful archive that we are now discovering thanks to our Untangling the Holdens Project.   Check out Objects 50, 62, 69 and 74 for more about the Holdens, and here’s some info about the Southport Glaciarium.

Greeting also available as an A5 card, to print out, if you like: Xmas 2012.

Special Collections is closed for the festive break from 20 December to 2 January, inclusive.  We would like to thank all our users, volunteers, friends,  supporters and colleagues for their involvement in 2012 and to wish everyone all the very best for Christmas and the coming year.

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