Happy 1st Birthday!

The 100 Objects exhibition was born on 4 January 2011.  Since then, over 9000 virtual visitors have enjoyed 42 fascinating items with stories to tell about Bradford’s  industries and culture, the University and its predecessors, peace and political campaigns, Yorkshire’s wonderful Dales, and plenty more. The most popular Object is Potential Graduate, the 1960s film of Bradford student life, closely followed by the Nuclear Disarmament Symbol sketches which created modern icon, the “peace sign”.  We’re delighted to have been awarded Archives Pace Setter status for this innovative project and look forward to sharing 60 more great stories with you over the next year or so.


One response to “Happy 1st Birthday!

  1. congratulations; it is great that such scholarship can also give such pleasure
    mary (MA student -peace studies UB 11029626)

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