Quarter Way There!

We’ve now shown 25 Objects: a quarter of the way through the exhibition.  We’re really enjoying writing about and sharing the wonderful stories behind the Special Collections at the University of Bradford: we hope you find them interesting too.   Please let us know via blog comments or otherwise contacting us if you have something to say about the Objects.

This site has had over 5000 views, not to mention all the visits to the Objects on Facebook, Flickr and now Youtube.  We would never have been able to fit you all into the Reading Room to see the Objects for real, which shows how online exhibitions can bring Special Collections and people together as never before.

The most popular Object (site views): Singing Sixties!

Most popular (Twitter buzz): Dr Raistrick’s mapsThis image of one of his maps is the most popular image on the site.

Most popular Google search to reach this exhibition: bizarrely, “Clarkson Book Support System”.  Lots of librarians must be looking for their own Foam Family.  The next most popular is, fittingly, the University of Bradford Coat of Arms, part of our history with a story behind it.

2 responses to “Quarter Way There!

  1. I’ve loved reading about them. The diversity from one object to the next has been fantastic, and each one has been so very, very interesting.

    Thanks for doing this – what a great way to share your interest and whet that of others.

  2. Thanks for your kind words! Much appreciated.

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